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Introduction to Human Anatomy - Basic Concepts & Terminology (GH-001)

In this course you will learn the basic principles of human anatomy and essential terminologies. If you have never learned anatomy before, it is important that you start this course in order to become familiar with the basic concepts, because once you get further learning different organs and systems this terminologies will be used probably 80 per cent of the time.
So what exatly you will be learning in this course? We will be starting to introduce you with the body planes, and how healthcare professionals refer to an specific body location. For instance you will learn what a frontal or coronal plane means, transverse or horizontal plane,midsagittal or median plane, and what are the differences between each other.
Then we will be introducing you to basic terminology to refer directions in the body, like anterior, posterior, superior, medial, lateral and more. With this you will be able to explain and differentiate how are the different parts of the body located and in which direction.
You will have a section with additional resource where we give you more extended information on the topic apart from the lecture and the power points as well as the script. And finally you will end up with a test just to check if you have understood the topic.
You will have 10 days to complete this course once you have registered and purchased this course. During these days you will have full access to the virtual campus, you can use the internal messaging system to ask our instructors and solve your doubts and questions, also you will have the download function enabled for the documentation that we have prepared for you. Videos are streamed online only during the days that the course is enabled and you can watch them as many times as you want to, until you have a clear knowledge about the topic.

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  • Instructions on how to move around the Virtual Campus
  • UNIT 1: Introduction to Basic Concepts & Terminology
  • Lecture Unit 1 Introduction Human Anatomy
  • Unit 1 PPT Introduction Anatomy.pdf
  • Script Introduction to Human Anatomy
  • Additional Resource : Learn More on Body Planes
  • Test on Body Planes and Basic Terminology
  • IMPORTANT: Please complete this survey
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "Lecture Unit 1 Introduction Human Anatomy, Additional Resource : Learn More on Body Planes, Test on Body Planes and Basic Terminology, IMPORTANT: Please complete this survey"
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever